Winching And Recovery Kent

At Fly Towing we have introduced brand new and advance tow trucks to full fill the demand of the winching and recovery service in Kent WA. Service like winching and recovery Kent mostly use in winter. As we know winter of Kent and the adjoining areas, are very harsh, the roads in the winter get covered by snow, and almost all the vehicles whether they are car, vans or heavy duty truck get jammed and were become unable to move. Hence the need of winching and recovery truck becomes mandatory. Our advance recovery trucks are loaded with all the necessary equipment to winch the vehicle. Winching a vehicle required hedge amount of power and strong body, our recovery trucks have these quality. The other important thing need to winch a car or truck from snow are the experience and Knowledge of the drive. We at fly towing feels proud to announce that our driver are skilled and have experience of more than fifteen years on winching the cars and trucks from heavy show.

When the winching and recovery service needed

Winch out of a car or truck needed when the car or truck slides from the road and stuck on a ditch. Mostly this happens because of the slippery road caused by the snowfall or because of high speed of the vehicle.  Natural deserters are also one of the major reasons for asking winching service, like snow mud, floods, mud slides, and heavy snowstorms. In Kent and adjoining areas especially on winter heavy snowstorm are usual and four to five foots of snow covers the entire streets and the roads.  Because of which cars and trucks were unable to move even a single meter and the only option left is to conduct a winch out service. Road side accidents are also one of the major reasons of taking winching service in Kent.

Who the winch out works in Kent

Once we as Fly Towing receive a call for winching near a highway or from any accident place. Our experience driver reaches the place at no time. At Fly Towing every tow truck have winch machine installed at the front of our truck. These winch machines are a mechanical device contains a cylinder secured with our tow truck through the machine. The cylinder is wrapped with a heavy duty iron rope and powered by hydraulic pump. One end of the rope is secured with the winching machine and other end get attach with the car or the truck need to winch out.


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