Flatbed Towing Tukwila

Flatbed Towing Tukwila

In Tukwila we uses flatbed towing service for cars and trucks that get so much damage, that transporting them through regular means of towing process becomes next to impossible. For flatbed towing service for Tukwila city we have two flatbed tow trucks. One with a long bed that is to carry bigger loads like medium duty trucks and vans and the another with medium size flatbed trolley, perfect for carrying medium size vehicles like cars, SUV’s and motorbikes. Both our flatbed tow trucks for Tukwila city where well equipped with all the latest technologies and gadgets on it.

Experienced and Well Trained Flatbed Truck Drivers For Tukwila City To Insure Vehicles Safety:

Being an oldest flatbed towing service provider of Tukwila area we are completely aware about the risk emerges while transporting a bigger vehicle on flatbed trucks. Hence we provide best training to each and every of our flatbed driver to insure vehicles safety. To load and unload a car or truck, our flatbed has especially designed hydraulic suspensions that can lower our flatbed trolley to insure that our driver can easily load the car on it. Same goes for unloading process.

Safety Measures Taken By Fly Towing While Transporting Cars through Our Flatbed Tow Truck:

We use towing industries best ever technique and equipment for flatbed towing process in Tukwila. For that purpose along with advance flatbed tow truck and trained drivers we use best ratchet straps, transport chain, blinder and wire rope.

Because of our experience on flatbed towing we know that the chances of twisting a flatbed truck increase on sharp corners. So reduce the speed to less than 15 miles while taking any turn. For decreasing the chances of accident we do not tow any vehicle on storm. In case we were on our way to deliver a car and stuck on storm. We try to drive towards the direction of wind or stop our vehicle.

We follow all the norms instructed by the administration for safely towing a car and spur our drivers regularly, especially for safely towing a car or truck.

Area Where You Will Find Our Flatbed Tow Truck in Tukwila:

On the basis of the experience we gained in the past 20 years while providing flatbed towing service in Tukwila. We had listed 15 major locations where usually mishap happens or from where we receive calls for flatbed towing service. In the write-up bellow, I am going to mention all those location along with the numbers of calls we receive.

It almost twice or thrice in a week we receive calls for flatbed towing service form Allentown, Gateway Corporate Center and South Center Tukwila.

Sometime we receive calls from the people who need flatbed towing service near Park Palace Shopping Center, South Center Square and Segal Center Tukwila. Hence we roam’s one of our flatbed tow truck near these shopping malls every day and try to insure that we can rescue the cars when they were in need at the most.

Discounts and Rates for Flatbed Towing in Tukwila:

To provide a bit of relief to our customers, we had reduced our flatbed towing rates for the Tukwila area. Since November 2019, our flatbed towing rates start from $70 and increases depending upon the distance our flatbed truck covers.

Along with low towing rates, we are providing a 10% discount on every flatbed towing service that bill’s to $100. And the best part is, you can ask for a free quote to estimate the flatbed towing expenses. Our free quotation facility is helping customers on saving a lot of their hard earn money and is relieving their anxiety.

So from now on words if you need a flatbed towing service in Tukwila do not hesitate. Just pick your phone, call us and avail all the benefits.


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