Flatbed Towing Kent

Flatbed towing in Kent WA

For flatbed towing purposes in Kent, we recently launched brand new and advance tow trucks. Our recently launched tow trucks are capable of caring any loads safely and smoothly to its destination. Flatbed tow truck look’s simple in compression to other tow trucks, but these flatbed trucks are the safest way for towing cars and vans.

flatbed towing Kent Washington

What types of vehicle can be towed by flatbed trucks

Our flatbed trucks can transport all types of light and heavyweight vehicles, which include cars, vans, light-duty trucks, medium-duty trucks, and motorcycles. The advantage of towing cars or trucks by flatbed tow trucks is they do not get damaged while towing. Flatbed towing mostly uses when it becomes impossible to tow a car or truck because of the severe damage on it. Mostly when the damage occurs at the rear or front wheel and the wheels become unable to rotate.

How the flatbed towing work’s

Most often, the service of flatbed trucks requires when a car or motorbike get’s so much damage that transporting them through regular means of transport becomes difficult. Besides transporting severely damaged vehicles, the other reasons for hiring our flatbed tow trucks are for transporting vintage cars to auto shows and heavy machinery to construction sites.

The truck used for flatbed towing usually comes with a large flat surface or some time with a trolley that has a large flat surface on it. The bed which carries vehicles usually leans down so that loading the vehicles becomes easy. There is a metallic rope installed on the flatbed truck to winch out cars and trucks to the top of the flatbed truck. An additional metal rope to tie the car with the flatbed truck’s body use to ensure the safety of the vehicle while towing it on an uneven surface. For the additional safety of the car, we keep a metallic door at the backside of our flatbed tow truck, which ensures that the car doesn’t fall. 

Motorbike Flatbed towing in Kent, WA

For motorbike flatbed towing service, we have introduced a brand new tow truck, which has a special mechanism on it, to hold the motorbike properly and provides extra protection while towing it. We have the cheapest rate for motorbike flatbed towing service for Kent, WA.

Safety measures need to be taken while flatbed towing are

  1. No one will be allowed in the car while loading it on the flatbed truck.
  2. Special precaution need to take when towing the vehicle on the highway or on the rough road
  3. It is important to remove the people from the back of the flatbed truck while unloading the car or truck
  4. Flatbed tow truck’s speed has to reduce in case of any storm, as the height of the flatbed truck increases when it loads a car or van
  5. Special attention needs to take while taking any sharp corner. It has seen flatbed tow trucks get tilled while taking a sharp turn.
  6. Always experience driver has to appoint for winching a car to the flatbed tow truck.

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