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Advantages of choosing Fly Towing for towing services in Kent, WA.

Fly Towing is among the few oldest towing companies in Kent, Washington, that provides the safest towing services at a budget-friendly rate. We enjoy an excellent reputation among the locals, primarily due to our scratch-proof and affordable towing services and discounts on Kent towing bills which often reach 10% or sometimes more. Moreover, we have a fleet of tow trucks ranging from wheel lift to integrated as-well-as flatbeds for heavily damaged vehicles that give us the ability to rescue all types of vehicles and resolve every towing related issues. Besides the lowest prices and discounts on towing bills, our ability to serve people in stressful situations, like providing towing service in a thunderstorm or when it was aquaplaning, makes us the most liked towing company of Kent, WA.

After long years of offering high quality towing services to the locals we have gained currency as a most affordable towing service provider of Kent, Washington. If your runaway car has came to a standstill after rolling in to a mud hole at E Valley Hwy Kent or leaps to a roadside open trench. Call us at 206 900 0005!

Our towing professional stays active for all 24 hours of the day and night to insure you receive our cheap towing service when you need it the most.

What Makes Fly Towing Better Than Other Towing Companies of Kent, WA.

We have been in this towing business for the past twenty years. Most of our towing drivers have been with us from the beginning of our days and have years of experience in resolving severe towing problems. In these recent years, we have done modernisation in our towing service and for which we had included two highly advance flatbed two trucks in our towing fleet. Both of our flatbed tow trucks are brand new and equipped with advanced tools and latest gadgets. Last year, we had added an integrated and a wheel-lift tow truck in our fleet to carry out small towing tasks, like winching out a car or truck from snow and mud holes. At the beginning of this year, we had installed advanced gadgets on all of our two trucks, which can track the location of a braked-downed car quickly and help us reach for rescue them out in time. In short, in the past few years, we have taken all the possible measures to increase our ability to resolve severe towing problems and serve the people of Kent when they where in need of our towing service. These all steps towards helping the people of Kent city make’s Fly Towing the first choice and make us better than other towing companies of Kent city.

Towing Kent, WA

Locations where you will find Fly Towing’s tow truck in Kent Washington

As Kent Station, and Marketplace at Lake Meridian is among the busiest shopping malls of Kent city. So we had instructed our towing drivers to station our tow truck near these areas. If your car brake down near these areas, and you need a tow truck near Kent Station shopping mall or tow truck near Marketplace at Lake Meridian shopping mall, feel free to call us.

We want to inform all the people of Kent, that in 80% of the cases when someone calls us for towing service, near Kent Station shopping mall, they receive our towing service within 15 minutes of their first call.

Does snowing in Kent WA restrict Fly Towing from performing its duties!

Fly Towing is providing towing services in Kent city from the past 20 years and in every weather condition. We have a reputation of providing towing service when there were showing in Kent. In winter, every day we use to rescue, more than three cars from the snow and that too at an unbeatable price.

If your car stuck on snow or collides with another vehicle anywhere in Kent, WA, don’t make any delay. Immediately call us with the confidence that we will retrieve your vehicle without further damage to it. We keep our tow truck ready to dispatch for all 24 hours of the day despite any climatic condition. Our tow truck always arrives at the accident spot within 30 minutes from the first call we receive for help and recover the vehicle on a very minimum charge. The best part is you will get a discount of up to 10% on your towing bill if that bill exceeds $100. So you can save some of your hard earn money as well.

Is your car encountered an accident due to “aquaplaning” or “hydro-planing”  in Kent, Washington?

Aquaplaning or Hydro-planing mainly happens, when rain water logged on the road and causes the tire to loose-traction, most of the time it ends up with vehicles being collides with one another or cars runs off the road. At Fly Towing we understand how important it is to reach quickly to rescue the car that encountered accident due to aquaplaning and offer affordable Kent towing service to them.

Steps were taken by Fly Towing in Kent, WA, during the COVID-19 pandemic to prevent the speared of the corona virus.

There is no doubt that Kent is among the few cities that have been hit the hardest by the corona virus, economically and socially. So we have taken some initiatives to prevent the spread of this virus, including sanitization of all our towing vehicles before heading out for a towing job in Kent, WA, and following all the government instructions while conducting towing operations, especially following social distancing and wearing masks and gloves.

Furthermore, we had instructed our tow operators to provide the towing in Kent city even if a customer calls late at night or on the weekend.

Our Contact Details for Kent WA

Name: Fly Towing
Address: 24820 Pacific Hwy S, Kent, WA 98032
Phone Number: 206-900-0005


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