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Vans Towing SeaTac

At fly towing we use special tow trucks for different kind of vehicles. Vans are comparably larger than a car in terms of length, width and height, and heavier in weight than any car or truck. Thus it needs special care and technique for service like vans towing SeaTac. At fly towing we newly introduced tow trucks equipped with all latest equipment and with more powerful engine to easily tow a van in Seatac.

Things need to keep on mind while towing a van

Vans are larger in size than a car or truck, more over they built to carry more and more people and goods. To make more space on it somewhere the designer compromise with aerodynamic. Mostly vans are not aerodynamic so towing or flatbed towing become difficult unless right technique applied on it. The tow company must have to keep few of the things on mind while towing a van especially on the highway.
  • As vans are larger in size and heavier in weight, so big tow trucks required to tow a van.
  • Vans are not aerodynamic, so it is important to tow it at low speed.
  • Heights of vans are usually more than its width, so special attention required while taking a corner. It often seen, that vans getting tilt while taking a sharp corner.
  • While towing a van, the driver must have to stick on its lane, and not to change it, until it become necessary.
  • Tow truck driver must have to check all the doors and windows of the van, to insure they were locked.
  • Any driver is not allowed in the van while towing it, for the safety purpose.
  • Vans back tire pressure need to check twice before towing.
By keeping these tips in mind any unwanted things can be easily ignored. We at fly towing takes special care while vans towing SeaTac. We send our best driver, when we receive any call for vans towing SeaTac. For Vans winching in Seatac or for Vans Flatbed towing, we use our best vehicle, and our experienced staff, especially for lifting them on the flatbed tow truck.  Wind speed also need to keep on mind while vans flatbed towing in SeaTac .


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