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If you looking for an efficient company that offers affordable services of towing Seattle, You are at the right place. We at Fly Towing offers a variety of high quality, reliable, prompt and affordable towing services in Seattle. Our expert operators where always equipped with technologically advanced, power equipment to take care of all your towing needs. Our proficient team of technicians ensures that your vehicle will carefully towed and adequately cared for. At Fly Towing we try to insure that we answer every call placed to us and response quickly on it. We work round the clock and seven days on the weak just to make sure, that every one of Seattle get rescue in an emergency.

At Fly Towing, we are of the view that towing needs can be very much unpredictable as you never know when your vehicle meets an accident or faces a technical defect. Remember, both these situations can cause you some very uneasy moments that you cannot overcome yourself on most of the occasions. We often feel proud and happy that we have the most trusted team of Towing in Seattle. It consists of the undisputed the top towing experts and towing drivers who can prove to be your best friend. Our experts have been working in the most amazing manner since last two decades. We don’t remember that any call or needy person left unattended or ill cared by our customer care team. No matter what vehicle you have and what defects it has encountered, our experts can do everything for you. So what are you waiting for?

Some of our most efficient towing services include the following.

Flatbed Towing Services

All of Fly Towing’s flatbed tow trucks are fully geared to cater to a comprehensive range of flatbed towing services. Our flatbed tow truck professionals are highly skilled and immensely experienced. They can handle all of your needs about flatbed towing Seattle. 

Our Flatbed Towing services are best suited for low clearance vehicles, Motorcycles, Classic Cars, and luxury cars. All our flatbed towing solutions are designed to thoroughly protect your investment. Our towing network is strong. This helps us deliver quick yet efficient flatbed towing solutions all across Seattle. When your prized car breaks down, don’t hesitate and give us a call. We also make long-distance vehicle transfers. Vehicular safety is our responsibility.

Light Duty, Medium Duty, and Heavy Duty Towing Seattle Services

Fly Towing has different classes of tow trucks designed to handle different vehicular classes. We have fully equipped tow trucks to handle towing needs associated with light duty, medium-duty, and heavy-duty vehicles. Some of the heavy-duty vehicles we cover include Semi-Trucks, Transport Trucks, Fire Trucks, Construction Equipment, and Farming Equipment. Some of the medium-duty vehicles we tow include RVs, Delivery Trucks, Class C Motor Homes, and Shuttles. We also tow Small Fleet Vehicles, One-Ton Vehicles, Dual Wheel Pickup Trucks, and Large Vans.

Service of Fly Towing in Georgetown, Seattle:

Its from the beginning of our days in towing business, we are receiving calls from Georgetown, Seattle for towing jobs. To reduce the traveling time for Georgetown, we had started parking one of our most advance tow truck near Georgetown so that we can reach their for rescue in time. 

Towing service in Columbia City seattle

Towing service in Columbia City Seattle WA

We are conducting towing service in Columbia City Seattle from the past 15 years. Almost every day we receive calls from Columbia City Seattle for Towing Jobs. Just to aid timely to the car owner who meet’s accident near Columbia City Seattle an especial instruction has given on our help desk, to tack every call seriously and act quickly on it. To reduce the time frame of reaching to affected vehicles we roam our tow truck in every major area of the city.

Area where one can find Fly Towing vehicles in Columbia City Seattle

Our tow trucks usually stations near Rainier Avenue, Columbia City Theater, The Columbia City Farmer Market and near Genesee Park. Hence if your car break down do not panic just call us and ask for towing service in Rainier Avenue Seattle and inform us about the problem, we guarantee you that we reach for your rescue in less than ten minutes, if you were lucky you will find our tow truck parked on Rainier Avenue Seattle and ask for rescue.


If you drive your vehicle every day, then your worries about the safe driving norms are very much understandable. You cannot put them at bay. However, you can do something worthwhile by partnering with the best Seattle towing company that provides you all range of service and that at an affordable rate.

Yes, you got it right!

Fly Towing brings you the most coveted towing services in Seattle that would never let you feel alone or isolated even if your car meets an unwanted situation in the remote areas in Seattle. We can reach anywhere all over Seattle for your rescue. With round-the-clock emergency road-side assistance services, we reach you with the most gifted professionals who can help irrespective of the situation. Our ‘Never-Say-Die’ attitude prepares us for all situations, and the credit for the same goes to our experts who are always ready to bring you all the services that you expect from us.

Contact our help desk at any moment! We are listening to you always!

Fly Towing is a one-stop shop for all needs about towing Seattle. Our immense automotive knowledge and prompt delivery differentiate us from others.


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