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What Happens If An Owner Never Reclaims A Towed Vehicle?

Towing services are very significant no matter which part of the world you live in. The services are directly related to vehicles and special situations that may happen everywhere in the world. In most of towing cases, the owners of the vehicles remain the first party and the towing services providers work as the second entity. Obviously, both parties need to carry out their responsibilities gracefully. After towing task is done, the vehicle owners need to take the charge and take away their vehicle on their personal interests.


However, most of the leading towing service providers often claim that the vehicle owners did not turn up to take their vehicle away. This is a typical situation that often gives rise to a few complications. The towing companies play the most significant role here as their interests get affected in case the vehicle owner never reclaims a towed vehicle. 

towing service

As far as the answer for the question, “What happens if an Owner Never Reclaims a Towed Vehicle,” is concerned, all the vehicle which had been towed goes to the towing yard and stays there till the owner of the vehicle never reclaims it. A sum of $10 per day charged for that particular vehicle until it stays there. And if the owner of the vehicle never reclaims it even after 30 days then the towing company starts the procedure of auctioning the vehicle in order to recover their expenditure they had made in the said vehicle.


  1. The towing company needs to preserve the vehicle for a certain period that is mentioned in the towing contract. If the vehicle is not claimed within this duration, then the vehicle becomes the property of the towing company and it is free to take the right decision to do the needful. The owners lose all their rights over the vehicle. 


  1. As per another rule, the towing company gets control over the vehicle if the owners do not respond after repetitive efforts. The authorities of the towing company send notices to vehicle owners requesting to reclaim back their vehicles. In case they get no response, then they are allowed to file a case against the person and also suite a case against him in the court. 


  1. If the owner does not respond even after that then the towing authorities are allowed the final decision of selling the car or any other vehicle in question. If the vehicle is the poorest of conditions, then they may sell it as a scrap separating the parts especially the battery and other electronic parts installed in the vehicles. However, if the car is in some useable conditions, then they can put it auction and sell it publically. This brings them some amount that they take as the charges. However, if the amount is not adequate enough, then they once again send requests to the car owners to pay the remaining amount to settle down all the dues.            


All these are futile and useless if the owners of the towed vehicles take the necessary actions and take their vehicle away. The right execution of their responsibilities may save everyone involved in the fight. Remember, it their responsibility only.