Flatbed Towing Kent

Flatbed towing Kent WA

For the purpose of flatbed towing Kent, we recently launched brand new and advance tow truck. Our recently launched tow truck is capable of caring any load safely and smoothly to its destination. Flatbed tow trucks looks simple in compression to other tow truck, but these flatbed truck are the safest for towing cars and vans.

What types of vehicle can tow by flatbed trucks

Our flatbed trucks can carry any light or heavy weight vehicles. The vehicle carried by our flatbed trucks are cars, vans, light duty trucks, medium duty trucks and motorcycles. The advantages of towing cars or trucks by flatbed tow truck are the car or the vans do not get wear and tear. Flatbed towing mostly use when it become impossible to tow a car or truck because of the sever damage. Mostly when the damage occurs at the rear or front wheel and the wheels where unable to rotate.

How the flatbed towing work’s

Most often flatbed towing service use when the vehicle got so much damage that, moving the vehicle become impossible. But there are lots of other reason for assigning flatbed tow trucks, like if the car or truck where very expensive and had to transport them safely to their destination.

The truck use for flatbed towing usually comes with a large flat surface or some time with a trolley which have a large flat surface on it.  The bed which carry the load of the car or the truck that have to transport, can lean down so that loading the vehicle become easy. There is a rope installed on the flatbed truck to winch the car or the truck, to bring them at the top of the flatbed truck. An additional metal rope use to tie the care which need to transport to insure the safety of the vehicle.

The safety measures need to fallow while doing flatbed towing are

  1. No one will allowed on the car or in the van while loading it on the flatbed truck.
  2. Special precaution need to take when towing the vehicle on the highway or on the rough road
  3. It is important to remove the people from back of the flatbed truck while unloading the car or truck



We as Fly Towing is a leading service provider of towing service in SeaTac. Our tow trucks are quick and capable of towing any load.


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