winterizing your car

5 Tips to winterize your car to drive safely on the snowy roads of Seattle

Driving can be dangerous in winter, especially in cold regions of the USA, like SeaTac and Seattle city, due to several factors, which include ice and snow on the roads. Every driver of SeaTac and Seattle city needs to prepare themselves as well as their car for the coming winter. Winterizing of a vehicle cannot be ignored; otherwise, there are chances of getting stuck outside on snowing for days or even for weeks. According to data, every year in winter, chances of an accident increase to 300% in SeaTac and Seattle city. However, you can keep yourselves safe by following these nine tips mentioned bellow on winterizing a car.

Service your car thoroughly before winter hits in Seattle and Seatac city.

Before winter hits your city, it is essential for you to take your car to a service center nearby and ask for a thorough checkup. Remember the minor problems of your car can increase in winter because of ice and extreme cold.

The points where you need to focus most on winter are as follows:

  • Check your car’s Battery: Battery performance mainly decreases in cold weather. That means the battery has lost its strength to crank the car’s engine. Thus your vehicle may not get start and might cause you to stranded on the snow with only a hope that any towing company will come fro your rescue.
  • Check your car’s coolant: It is always advised by technicians to keep a ratio of 60/40 of antifreeze to water to prevent the engine from corrosion and the coolant from freezing.
  • Check the belts and spark plugs: Belts usually get damage after running 30000 miles, and the same goes with spark plugs. Imagine what happens if they fail to operate in winter when you wear out on the snow. So get them serviced or, if required, replace them.

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Keep always less air in your tire:

Less air pressure ensures a better grip on the road when there where aquaplaning. The better grip provides traction and stability to the vehicle.

Switch to a winter wiper:

Winter wiper used to remove snow from windshields. They come with an extra layer of thick rubber that prevents ice from collecting over the blade and allows it to roll freely on windshield even when they get fully covered with ice.

Keep the Fuel or Gas Tank Full:

Full tank in compression of half tank of gas and fuel contains less air that causes less fuel condensation. Less condensation prevents the gas pipeline from freezing even in extreme cold nights of Seattle city.

Always Keep Winter Safety Kit With You:

Before going out for a long ride in winter, always keep safety kits along with you. These safety kits contain as follows:

  • First Aid Kit
  • Matches
  • Flashlights and Batteries
  • Ice Scraper
  • Flares
  • Blanket
  • Extra Water and Food
  • Jumper Cable
  • Car Tool Kit
  • Extra Antifreeze
  • Shovel

In this article above, we had tried our best to inform you how you can winterize your car and keep yourselves safe while driving on the snow. To know more, you can visit our website Fly Towing or can call us on 206-900-0005