How to Drive Safely On the Wet Roads of Seattle City

How to Drive Safely On the Wet Roads of Seattle City

Driving is a skill. You may be a good driver but actual test of your driving skills takes place when you drive your vehicle on the wet roads of Seattle city, especially during the after-shower days. As per the records available at the transport and police departments, more than I million road mishaps take place on the wet road where the drivers often fail to meet the challenge.

You must agree to the fact that safety should begin at the source. You must do some basic things before you meet an unwanted situation on the road:

  1. Check your windshield window glasses well. Fix them if you find any issue in them.
  2. Make sure all the lights in the car are working well. Check the headlight, tail-light, indicators, and other warming signs are working well. Do correct them if you find any issues with them.
  3. You must ensure that the car tires have the right tread, inflation, and air pressure so that they could get a good grip in the road. This is very important and you must do it at any cost. Buy new tires if the existing ones do not promise trust.

Driving Tips on the Wet Roads of Seattle City:


  1. If you have a new car with you, then you should try to avoid the Cruise Control feature. It can be an exciting feature for dry weather but it may be a risk for wet roads. Disable cruise control feature to get better and safer control of the road.


  1. Try to focus on driving only and do not involve in any other task. Never try to listen to the songs on a loud volume. Always avoid using a head phone or earphone to listen to music. The sound may distract your attention and that can be very fatal for you.


  1. Do not increase the speed beyond the limit you can manage. A track of a car has to remove 50 gallons of water per second when a car runs with a speed of 70 miles per hour. At low speed waters on the road don’t affect but they become dangerous at high speed. So always try to keep low speed while driving on wet road


  1. Keep a superb control over the brakes and keep minimum distance of 15 meters from the vehicle ahead you while you stop and come to rest. Such a practice can bring you the best and most careful driving experience.


  1. Always follow the driving tips that you have learnt earlier. You must try to recap them all in case you have forgotten them.


  1. Check the brakes of your car everyday while you are going on a drive again. Make sure that the brake pad are supple, flexible, and able to get a grip. Make sure you replace the same with a new brake pad. Be extra cautious while you take a bend on the crossroads or roundabouts.

Some Quick Tips for Driving On the Wet Roads:


  1. Always concentrate on the side of road you wish to move ahead. Be cautious while you steer and accelerate.
  2. Do not push the brake all of a sudden as it will make the brake pads get lose. It will upset the balance of the vehicle as well.
  3. Never panic if your car faces a skid. Keep your cool and steer in the right direction with strength and patience.
  4. Have faith in your abilities as a driver. Exploit your skills to land safe,

The most important that you must remember while driving in a wet road is that you are a skilled driver and you have the ability to drive in all odd situations. Make sure you follow all the safety guidelines as mentioned above.

All the tips mentioned here will help you to drive safely on the wet road of Seattle city. In spite of following all the tips if your car slides from the road and meet any accident then don’t panic. Just call on our customer service number: 206-900-0005 we at Fly Towing insuring you that you will find our tow truck to rescue out you, in any weather condition. Our commitment to keep cheapest rate for car towing service will also reliefs you after meeting an accident and reduce some of your burden.