How to drive a car when running out of gas

How To Drive A Car When Running Out Of Gas

When your car succumb its stock of gas, and fuel gauge shows that the car is running out of gas, then you can follow these helpful tips to add some extra miles, to reach the nearest gas station. It is a very common situation that every driver or car owner faces one day or the other. People often pay less attention to the fuel meter that has a letter ‘E’ written on it. The letter stands for ‘Empty’ and the moment the indicator touches the letter, the problems for the drivers start.

What would you do when you fuel gauge show you that it is about to empty? The first and foremost thing is that you should not get panicked even if you are at an unknown area where you cannot expect any authentic help or assistance. The other thing you can do is believe the experts who have the following suggestions for you, whenever your car runs out of gas.

Search for a gas station near you:

The first thing you should do to overcome the situation is find a gas refilling station that lies nearby you. You can use Google to find out the ‘Gas Refilling Station Near Me’ as your search key.Fuel assistance SeaTac Keep the navigation of GPS system of your mobile phone switched on.

Decrease the speed of your car when running out of gas:

Slowdown the speed of your car, if you notice the indicator going close to the letter ‘E’ in the fuel meter. The newer vehicles have an advantage here as they have higher fuel-efficiency level. Never speed up your vehicle if you have noticed the sign of empty tank. It is always better to observe all precautionary measures before the climax hits your car and also you.

Turn Off Air Conditioner when running out of gas:

Since the AC consumes a bigger part of the energy, therefore act immediately to switch off the AC so that it stops consuming the left over fuel. It may give the car 25% more energy to run a little more distance to reach the gas filling station.

Close all the windows of your car when running with empty tank:

As the experts of Park Plaza Limo describes! Keeping the window panes closed may make the car resist the wind and that helps the car with 20% more energy that you can use to move closer to the nearest gas refilling stations for vehicles.

Choose a downhill path if you have lees fuel:

One may agree that you cannot do it always! However, you can always do it if you are fortunate enough to have a downhill route to reach the nearest gas refilling station. Downhill driving may be a good advantage for you as you may even slide down without igniting the engine.

Tested Tips For You If Your Car Runs Out Of Gas:

If all the tips above fail to reach you to the gas refilling station, then you must do something that can bring gas to your vehicle no matter where you are. You can always find the services of the towing companies that have the facility of fuel supply to the customers that reach them.  You can call them from your location, send them messages, or intimate them with emails. And the most  important thing is ensure that you are providing them with the right information that they can use to reach you with positive assistance.

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