Difference Between 2, 4 and All Wheel

Difference Between 2, 4 and All Wheel Drive – Fly Towing

Driving vehicles, especially in rough terrains or on highways at a very high speed, has always been a dream for vehicle owners and drivers. People who use to stay in mountain regions always go out for off-roading, especially on holidays. On the other hand, people who drive a car in a city area love to drive a vehicle that provides better mileage and is easy to handle.
In short, whether a car can be a two-wheel drive or a four-wheel drive, it depends upon the area they have to operate.

Four-wheel Drive

If the owner loves to drive his car on rough terrains like in a desert or a mountainous region, then their car or truck has to be a four-wheel drive. In a four-wheel-drive system, all the four-wheel of the vehicle receives power through its drive shafts. The four-wheel-drive system provides the vehicle better torque and ensure’s that the vehicle can smoothly run on a rough and challenging road.

All-wheel drive

In some cases, the needs of large vehicles become mandatory when substantial or heavy equipment has to transport through difficult places like through a frozen lake or snowy areas. In these cases, people increase the wheels of the vehicle some time twenty to thirty wheels in a row and distribute the weight equally on all the wheels. These increased wheels provide better traction and reduce the weight of the vehicle. To get the best result from such vehicles owner provides power to all its wheels through an additional engine.

Two-wheel drive

Two-wheel drive mainly uses to reduce power consumption; it consumes less fuel and provides better mileage. Two-wheel driving is suitable for driving in city areas or on flat highways. The best example of two-wheel drive vehicles is cars, busses, and auto rickshaws.

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