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Towing Service Kent
Fly Towing guarantee’s of reaching the accident location in time

Fly Towing is considered as the quickest towing company of SeaTac by the people of this city. We have a reputation of reaching the accident place within twenty minutes, which became possible because of our brand new and high speed tow truck. To insure that, our truck will reach the needy people without wasting a single minute, we station or tow truck in different locations of the city and on the highway. To conduct the operation successfully we use, our years of experience on the towing business.

We had launched our first tow truck almost twenty years back at the city for SeaTac. At that time we mostly provide service to the car owner or truck drivers whose vehicle breaks down near SeaTac Airport. Now we have more than three tow trucks operating in different cities apart from SeaTac. These cities are Des Moines, Kent, Renton and Tacoma.

In the past few years we had taken numbers of initiatives to fulfill the growing needs of towing service in SeaTac and nearby cities. These initiatives include installation of advance tools and equipment in our Tow Truck, adding new tow truck to our fleet and hiring experience tow truck driver.

In the present days we at Fly Towing feel proud to remember the contribution we had done for our SeaTac city. In every winter we use to recover more than two thousand vehicles from heavy snow fall to mud hole or from road side detaches.


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