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5 Roadside Assistance Scams Every Vehicle Owner Should Avoid

One can understand the embarrassing situation that you face when you vehicle gets stranded on the road due to some unavoidable circumstances. Obviously, mishaps and technical faults are the two most important factors that make you suffer from such a situation. Naturally, you start finding the roadside assistance services as the earliest. Remember, this is the most ideal condition when scammers or con men try to trap you. It becomes easier for them as getting the best roadside assistance becomes a priority for them. They reach you as fake providers of emergency services, and cause you the damage that you do not deserve at all. 

As far as avoiding these situations is concerned, it is not difficult provided you have the least idea of these scams. Here is your chance to update yourself to avoid the 5 most common roadside assistance scams: 

Incomplete/Inaccurate Quote

Quoting someone for roadside assistance and then tacking on a number of service fees and charges is another roadside assistance scam you should never fall for. Make sure your quote includes the full price of towing, including fuel and mileage, as well as any service fees. Don’t forget to get it in writing.

Inconsistent Service Quotations: 

Usually, a genuine towing service provider hardly cares for the charges as they get their payment from the insurance companies. However, if the roadside assistance provider offers you services and starts calculating charges, then you must consider this as a scam. Try to avoid hiring the company to keep you and your vehicle safe against from unknown damages.  

Unwanted Service

While you get stranded on the road and someone reaches and offers emergency roadside assistance, then you must take it as a sign of a scammer or a con man. Though many methods of scams have emerged in the recent years, this method still exists as the oldest and also the most successful frauds in the form of roadside assistance. However difficult conditions you might be in, you must have the courage of denouncing the scammers. 

No or Least Documentation: 

You have the right to ask the service providers their documents, especially the license of services that they get from the local administration. The fake service providers would automatically stay away from you as they do not have any such documents.  


Single-Destination Towing Services: 

If you find that the so-called emergency roadside assistance service providers have their operations to only one destination, then this is the most fatal symptom of a scam. Usually, prominent service providers offer their services to multiple destinations. If any such service provider reaches you, then you only need to avoid them and keep on trying to reach a prominent towing service provider at that particular destination! Your presence of mind can be your trusted friend!  

Invalid or Unrecognized Roadside Assistance Services: 

If the so-called towing services provider in incapable of naming the right roadside assistance services, then this can be a warning bell for you. Usually, the best companies are well-aware of all the necessary emergency roadside assistance services, and that is an important point that you must consider to grab a fake or scam roadside assistance services. 

Your helpless situation at that present moment can leave you worried, but that does not allow the scammers to damage your interests and make you suffer in the end. Keep your eyes open to experience the slightest symptoms of scams.

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